Top Five Herbs For Psoriasis

Top 5 herbs for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is formed as a result of the building up of skin cells, which in turn causes a scale-like phenomenon on the surface of the skin, usually accompanied by dry and itchy patches on the skin.

Psoriasis is believed to be majorly related to immune system deficiencies and has a variety of triggers that range from Bacterial/ Viral infections to cold and sometimes, even stress. In Nigeria alone, there are at least a thousand cases of Psoriasis a year.

While medical diagnosis is required, it is worth knowing that its symptoms include; skin rash, which is a common symptom of Psoriasis. Other symptoms include; Pain in joints, Skin bumps, dryness, flakiness, fissures, and irregular thickness of skin and even nails. Some common conditions in people suffering from Psoriasis are; inflammation of tendons, stiffness of joints, and even depression.

The treatment of Psoriasis is carried out with the aim of getting rid of scales or  curbing the rate of the growth of skin cells. Although Psoriasis can’t be fully cured, there are a myriad of ways to reduce it, and while it is advised to see a specialist for treatment, it is also important to know a few therapeutic measures, just in case. Today, we will be looking at the top five recognized Herbs that can help treat Psoriasis.

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Herbs that can help treat Psoriasis

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Herbs For Psoriasis

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that is widely recognized for its healing and soothing properties and is a major ingredient in several skincare products. Studies show that the usage of this plant can go a long way in reducing Psoriasis. By simply applying the aloe Vera gel on the surface of the affected skin area, three times a day for a five-day period, any case of mild Psoriasis can be dealt with.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) has stated that there is some evidence which points to the very idea that Aloe Vera could help with psoriasis, though the evidence is not as glaring as that of Mahonia aquifolium and indigo naturalis, it is without a doubt very useful. It can also play a major role in supporting these two herbs in treating cases of Psoriasis.

2. Turmeric

A member of the ginger family, this root plant is widely appreciated in the pharmaceutical industry for its special anti-inflammatory properties, this is because of an active ingredient known as curcumin. A gel that was known to contain traces curcumin was used in a study of people with several cases of psoriasis. This treatment of gel was evenly mixed with topical steroids and a measure of a low-dairy diet. The subjects in the study were said to reports quite a significant improvement in their psoriasis symptoms. This has been of a tremendous benefit in treating psoriasis. To use this herb, simply apply it topically for the best results.

The treatment of Psoriasis with Turmeric

3. Mahonia Aquifolium (Oregon grape)

This flowering plant is said to originate from the mahonia shrub. It has a known history of treating several skin conditions, especially inflammatory conditions like Psoriasis. Its major ingredient is berberine, which is said to be a good inflammatory suppressing agent. What makes it especially unique, is its ability to slow down skin cell growth. This attribute alone, goes quite a long way in reducing the effects of Psoriasis. According to the report from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), Mahonia aquifolium is said to be one of the most useful and potent of all herbal remedies for treating psoriasis so far.

In fact, several systematic reviews, including two reports that we’re published in the years 2015 and 2017, attest to the fact that Mahonia aquifolium can help in effectively treating the symptoms of cases psoriasis. People can buy Mahonia aquifolium oil, or tincture where it is in alcohol, it also comes in the form of cream. Remember to always dilute essential oils before using them. People can also topically apply creams directly to the areas of the skin that psoriasis affects.

4. Indigo Naturalis

This herb was mainly used in ancient Chinese medicine and has long since been adopted by modern medicine. The indigo naturalis can also be distilled and have its oil extracted to become an oil extract. This oil extract can then be used for treating nail Psoriasis. There has been a study, using the oil extract on nail psoriasis on a daily basis for a period of 24 weeks, which resulted in a significant improvement. It has a significant influence on the treatment of Nail Psoriasis. By applying topically on the surface of the affected area, various cases of Psoriasis treatment treated.

Indigo Naturalis could help with psoriasis

5. Capsaicin

This happens to be the active ingredient in pepper. it is responsible for the burning sensation that is gotten from the consumption of pepper. It has the ability to “burn” cells, which can lead to a significant reduction in the growth rate of skin cells. Studies show that when severe to minimal cases od Psoriasis were treated which controlled dosages of capsaicin, there happened to be significant improvements over a period of time.

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Although Psoriasis has no cure, there are still a few ways to manage and curb its symptoms. Without a doubt, herbal treatments for psoriasis show promise and are relatively cheaper. Researchers all around the world still continue to learn more about them every day. But note, however, that herbal treatment is not in any way a replacement or substitute for professional medical neglect. If you are in any way successful in treating your case of psoriasis with an alternative or different therapy, do not attempt to cease other parts or aspects of your treatment plan without consulting your doctor or any medical professional first.

Warning: While the benefits of herbal treatment are profound, it is important to always research on the herbs used, so as to avoid cases of allergy and other health hazards. The place of medical consultancy can never really be overemphasized in the treatment and management of cases of Psoriasis.

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