The Big Diabetes Lie Review: A Cure For Diabetes Naturally?

The Big Diabetes Lie Review copy

While growing up, I watched my grandmother suffer in the cold hands of Diabetes. She was a very warm and friendly woman. Watching her suffer from incurable sores, infections and other complications caused by Diabetes was very hard for us to bear. Living with Diabetes can be described as a ‘hell on earth experience’.

The Big Diabetes Lie Review copy

the Big Diabetes Lie review

My grand mum didn’t survive despite all medical efforts. It was very unfortunate! Thankfully, so much research has gone into finding a cure for Diabetes, and I believe she wouldn’t have died of diabetes if she had access to some of these remedies.

One of the remedies I have discovered is ‘the Big Diabetes Lie’. I am writing the Big Diabetes Lie review to show you what the book is all about, the features and benefits, the Pros, the Cons, alternatives to the book and what previous buyers are saying about it.

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What you should consider first before purchasing ‘the Big Diabetes Lie’

Diabetes Mellitus describes a group of diseases in which the blood sugar of an individual is above the normal level. The reason could either be that the production of insulin is insufficient, or the body cells are not responding well to insulin. It could even be both.

We can also say diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not generate sufficient insulin to process the blood sugar (this kind is called type 2 diabetes or adult-onset diabetes), or when no insulin is produced at all (it’s called the type 1 diabetes). Other types of diabetes are gestational diabetes (high blood sugar that happens mainly in pregnancy), and prediabetes (a situation where a person’s blood sugar is higher than normal level but cannot yet be described to a type 2 diabetes).

The general symptoms of diabetes include unclear vision, injuries that slowly heal, unintentional drastic weight loss, frequent urination, tiredness, hunger pangs, fatigue, and increased thirst. There are a number of problems that could arise as a result of Diabetes Mellitus. They include loss of hearing, cardiovascular problems, untreatable sores, stroke, depression, infections, and neuropathy. Doctors are of the opinion that Diabetes is without a permanent cure but can be properly managed. An average diabetic patient is expected to adhere to the doctor’s advice, be careful about what goes into their mouth, follow prescriptions, and receive insulin shots.

However, the book ‘Big Diabetes Lie’ states that it is possible to reverse Diabetes. The book was written by a team of medical practitioners led by Max Sidorov (the author of ‘Big Heart Disease Lie’). A number of people say they have benefited immensely from this book. If you want to reverse diabetes using natural remedies, you may give this book a try. However, you should note that you can only get results if you obey the laid-down procedures. If you are not willing to go through with the program, you may use other alternatives.

The big diabetes lie

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

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What is ‘Big Diabetes Lie’?

‘The Big Diabetes Lie’ is a 540 paged book that comes in electronic and hard copy formats. It was created by a team of professionals led by Max Sidorov. Max, being a member of the International Council for Truth in Medicine, is a nutritionist and a fitness expert who has spent years traveling and researching the major cause of Diabetes and how it can be cured. The authors of the book claim to expose all the myths surrounding Diabetes.

The details in the book are scientifically established facts and are well researched. It was discovered that LTB4 is the culprit behind the body’s inability to process blood sugar. LTB4 is an inflammatory molecule. INFLAMMATION was therefore described as the major cause of diabetes in this book. And readers are taught how to combat the root cause of this autoimmune disease, instead of just dealing with the symptoms.

The information in the book includes the kinds of food you should eat regularly, the relationship between sugar and cancer, food that contain refined sugar, kinds of food to avoid, the hidden truth about Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, a food plan and how to test your body’s PH level.
The Big Diabetes Lie also includes a 30-day program that gradually leads you out of your Diabetic situation. Do you think you may not be disciplined enough to follow the 30-day program, then you should seek a less demanding option.

Just like every other product, the Big Diabetes Lie has some Pros and Cons. Although the cons are not so much of a big deal


  • The Big Diabetes Lie is focused on handling the major cause of Diabetes instead of symptoms
  • Recommended foods are readily available locally. Some of the foods are even in your kitchen right now.
  • The techniques in this book do not require the use of medications or insulin shots.
  • The approach used for reversing Diabetes is safe and natural
  • You have a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • You can receive extra support from the writers
  • It is affordable compared to the cost of medicines and insulin shots
  • The instructions are simple and can be comprehended easily
  • There is no record of any side effect
  • The program has some level of scientific backing
  • There are positive feedbacks from buyers


  • It is not a magic formula. It requires some level of discipline on your part.
the big diabetes lie review 1

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

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Features and Benefits

The ‘Big Diabetes Lie’ comes in hardcopy and electronic formats. You have a variety of options to choose from. If you prefer to read on paper, you can just order and wait for it to arrive. You may also decide to read a soft copy, which is even easier. You can just pay online and get immediate access to the book.
Get instant access: it doesn’t matter the time of the day you purchase this book, you will get instant access to the download page (that is if you want the electronic book).

The book gives you an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Max Sidorov, Dr. Vito, Dr’ Livna, Dr. Harshenko, Dr. Nezhnyi put heads together to discover the hidden truths about Diabetes. The information in the book is as a result of 100years of research. This book will certainly give you an understanding of your condition and how to take better care of yourself.

It is quite affordable: A diabetic patient is required to take expensive drugs and insulin shots regularly. ‘The Big Diabetes Lie’ does not require the use of these drugs and insulin shots, making it a cheaper option. Purchasing this book and following the plan therein could save you a lot of money in the long run.
The book is regularly updated: the information in this book is up-to-date. It is revised at intervals to accommodate the most recent research findings.
The remedies are natural and are without negative effects. There are no negative implications attached to the remedies provided in this book. Or at least no one has reported any of such.

Highly Informative: The Big Diabetes Lie is information-packed. As earlier said, it is a joint effort of trained doctors. You will learn more about the disease and how to deal with it. You will also learn about what to eat and what you should avoid like a plaque.

There is a 30-day plan for you to follow: it doesn’t matter how busy you are, the 30-day plan will make it easy for you to reach your desired goal, which is to reverse Diabetes. You can choose to start the program any day to be completed in a month.

Extra bonus training materials: other materials are made available to you as a bonus. If you purchase the Big Diabetes Lie. You will get 7 other books. They include Amazing health from water, Dangers of microwave radiation, Death by medicines, MSG the deadly poison, raw live food recipes, the miracle of sleep, the secrets of antioxidants. The bonus materials contain extra information that could boost your general wellbeing.

the big diabetes lie review 3

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

100% refund of your money within 60-day: if you buy this book, and it falls below your expectations, you are free to ask for a refund. In either case, you can’t lose.

Long-term solutiona: the remedies in this book targets the foundational causes of diabetes and not just the symptoms. You will, therefore, experience results that are long-lasting.

The book is easy to understand: the Big Diabetes Lie is written in simple English. Even a non-native English speaker can understand it easily.

Other diseases may be cured: Although curing diabetes is the main objective of the Big Diabetes Lie, it can help in treating other diseases. There are other diseases caused by inflammations, and since this program teaches you how to deal with inflammations, those diseases could be cured. Risks of diseases like high blood pressure, cancer, neuropathy can be reduced using this program

Simple methods: all recommended food can easily be gotten in your locality. All techniques introduced in this book are not burdensome

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Social Proof

While surfing the internet, I discovered that the Big Diabetes Lie was recommended by, a trusted medical site. It has also been featured on CNN, NBC, and CTV. Here are a few positive reviews:

The big diabetes lie customer review

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

The big diabetes lie customer review 4

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

The big diabetes lie customer review

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

Check out the promotions and discounts of The Big Diabetes Lie

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It was reported that about 422 million people in the world suffer Diabetes. It is also the 4th major cause of death after cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and respiratory problems. You or someone you love may be suffering from this autoimmune condition.

‘The Big Diabetes Lie’ will give you a better understanding of the condition and how to deal with it. It includes a 30- day simple program that tackles Inflammation. It lists the kinds of food you should eat and those to avoid.

There are lots of genuine testimonials backing this book. And if you purchase this book and it disappoints you, you can ask for a 100% refund during the given 60-day period. I think it’s a good deal.

the big diabetes lie review 4

The Big Diabetes Lie Review
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