Psoriasis Revolution Review

psoriasis revolution review

I was diagnosed with Psoriasis by my family doctor a few months after my 18th Birthday. I lost every bit of confidence and couldn’t wear my preferred dresses anymore. Those years were the hardest years of my life. Although I was young, I knew I had to find a solution fast or miss out on my youthful days. Thankfully, my research paid off, and my skin looks good now. I learned about Psoriasis Revolution shortly afterward and wished I discovered it earlier on. The program addresses all types of Psoriasis and saves you the trouble Psoriasis brings. 

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Things to consider first

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes a rapid build-up of skin cells. Its symptoms include discomfort and unpleasant scars arising from an itchy, red, and bleeding skin. Dan Crawford, a dietician and the brain behind the Psoriasis Revolution, opined that Psoriasis is a result of internal toxins in our bodies. He went further to state that the body’s internal balance can be restored in 30-60 days without the use of drugs or steroid creams.

If you have been plagued with Psoriasis for a while, no matter how long, you may consider purchasing the Psoriasis revolution by Dan Crawford. The information provided in the book is suitable for men and women of all age groups. Nonetheless, before purchasing the Psoriasis Revolution, you may need to evaluate your willingness to practice the solution provided therein. Your desired results can be possible only when the prescribed steps are religiously adhered to. 

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What is Psoriasis Revolution?

Psoriasis Revolution is an electronic downloadable book that presents a 7-step holistic approach to treat Psoriasis. In this book, you will learn how your immune system can be strengthened using natural supplements, thereby balancing your endocrine system and nervous system. 

Psoriasis Revolution will definitely help you to conquer Psoriasis permanently; however, you may be required to improve your habits and make some dietary changes. If this does not sound like what you are ready to do, you may find other alternatives. 

This book has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What is Psoriasis Revolution?

Pros of Psoriasis Revolution

  • it can easily be downloaded by anyone, anywhere
  • Tools and techniques are safe to use
  • Information provided in this book helps to fight against other skin diseases aside Psoriasis and strengthens the overall immune system. 
  • Results are visible in two months
  • The approach proffered in the book has no side effect
  • It tackles the primary cause of Psoriasis and offers a long term solution
  • It is very easy to understand
  • A money-back guarantee is offered within 60 days
  • Positive feedbacks

On the other hand, the Psoriasis has its own set of disadvantages, although they aren’t so much of a big deal.

Cons of Psoriasis Revolution

  • The book is only available in electronic format
  • It cannot be downloaded without the internet
  • An online service is essential to ask questions from the author.
  • It requires strict adherence to proffered solutions

Features & Benefits 

  • The Psoriasis Revolution is an electronically downloadable book. This feature makes it easily available to you regardless of your location so far you can access the internet. This feature saves you time and cost of shipping. You also do not need to worry about misplacing the book.
  • Book is detailed and well researched. Dan Crawford dedicated 12 years to studying Psoriasis and its cure. Thousands of dollars and 47,000 hours of ‘documented clinical trials’ have been spent on Psoriasis experiments. This feature gives you an in-depth understanding of the disease and its root cause. You would also learn about the myths surrounding the cure for Psoriasis and the ineffectiveness of countless traditional methods of treating psoriasis.
  • It is affordable. The Psoriasis Revolution is reasonably priced and is less expensive compared to laser therapies, drugs, and steroids. The information provided in this book is worth its value.
  • Recommended remedies are safe and natural. You do not need to be worried about any side effects. You can safely lose weight, look younger, increase energy, and feel healthier with this approach. The remedies help to improve your lifestyle in the long run.
  • The entire program is segmented into 3 sections, comprising 7 steps to curing Psoriasis permanently. This division into sections aids better understanding. The first section is designed to help you learn how to reduce your Psoriasis symptoms at home in diverse ways. The second section critically analyses diets, food supplements, and dietary changes you have to make for psoriasis to be cured. The third section shows how vital your immune system is to psoriasis and the list goes on. You can read the book gradually, in sections, without getting overwhelmed with so much information.
  • The guide employs a holistic approach. The concepts presented are understandable, methodical, and clear. It teaches a natural way to heal the underlying internal conditions in order to be free from Psoriasis. The author shows the best kinds of healthy food and exercises required to avoid a reoccurrence of the condition. 
  • Access to additional training materials: other bonus materials by Dan Crawford are available on purchase. The bonus books include How & When to Be Your Own Doctor, The Healing Power of Water, The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation, The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga & Meditation, Secrets to Sleeping Soundly, The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures. 
  • 60-day money back guarantee: if you purchase the book and it doesn’t meet your expectations, your money can be refunded so far it is within 60 days of purchasing the book. This feature gives you peace of mind and eliminates the fear of buying a book that doesn’t solve your problem.
  • Extra Support: you can receive extra support during the first month of purchase. You can contact the author directly via e-mail. If you do not understand anything, you can ask and receive answers directly from the author.
  • The treatment is fast – more often than not, the treatment of psoriasis costs a lot of money, and it also costs a lot of time. But with the solutions provided in this book, you can get visible results within 1 – 2 months. Your natural complexion begins to improve gradually.
  • Long-term solution – This method prescribed in this book is not a quick fix solution. It goes beyond the conditions affecting the skin. It goes deeper into the cause and the root to find out what triggered the problem. It solves the underlying cause first, and then becomes evident on the skin. If you are seeking for effective and long lasting solutions, you may find out that you can only do that by solving the problem rather than fighting the symptoms.
  • Easy to understand: it is comprehensive and can easily be understood by a non-native English speaker. The terminologies used are not difficult to assimilate.
  • Other skin problems solved: Although curing Psoriasis is the major aim of this book, it is not limited to Psoriasis alone. Eczema and other skin conditions can also be solved using the holistic approach found in the Psoriasis Revolution. 
  • Simple methods: the book promotes the use of products that are easy to find in a local grocery store. You do not have to travel miles to get the necessary materials. It also promotes use of simple procedures like fasting as a part of the detoxification process.

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Social Proof 

 While surfing the internet, I came across several positive reviews from buyers of the Psoriasis Revolution. Over 160000 women and men in about 173 countries have been reported using the Psoriasis Revolution to permanently cure Psoriasis.

Social Proof

Alternatives to Psoriasis Revolution 

There are several other books written by other professionals to help you overcome Psoriasis. They include:

Alternative 1- The four Horsemen of Psoriasis: Tame your Psoriasis and heal yourself from within using the science-based natural therapy

This book was written by Dr Howard Rybco. The procedures presented in the book are safe and natural just like the Psoriasis Revolution. However there are some differences:

  • Getting the ‘four Horsemen of Psoriasis’  may takes a longer duration
  • Shipping costs may apply
  • The ‘four Horsemen of Psoriasis’ comes in a hard coy format  unlike the Psoriasis Revolution
  • It is cheaper than the Psoriasis Revolution. 

Alternative 2- Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternatives

Authored by John O.A Pagano D.C, Healing Psoriasis presents a natural means of healing Psoriasis from the inside out.  Methods of healing Psoriasis are similar to the Psoriasis Revolution, nonetheless the differences include:

  • It is easier to acquire Psoriasis Revolution 
  • The cost of Psoriasis Revolution excludes shipping
  • Psoriasis Revolution comes only in electronic format unlike ‘Healing Psoriasis’

Alternative 3- Psoriasis total disease elimination plan

Marcus Norman is the author of the ‘Psoriasis total disease elimination plan’. You may consider this book as a great alternative to the Psoriasis Revolution especially if you prefer a hard copy. Both books present safe and natural ways for healing Psoriasis. 


125 million people in the world suffer from Psoriasis – that is about 2 – 3 percent of the world’s population. It is an unappealing skin condition that must be properly treated from within. The Psoriasis Revolution presents a safe and trusted way to treat this problem. The 7-step program teaches you how to flush toxins away from your system, giving you a radiant looking skin and a stronger immune system. Have you been battling with Psoriasis? The Psoriasis Revolution may be all that you need to overcome the disease. You can get this product right away by clicking the ‘download’ button.

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