Fatty Liver: All The Medication You Should Know

Fatty Liver_ All The Medication You Should Know

Fatty liver is a notorious condition that affects many people. Typically, fatty liver occurs when the fat builds up in the liver. It is quite normal to have little fat around the liver. But keep in mind that too much fat can become a health problem. You might be aware that the liver is the second largest organ in the body. In addition, the liver filter harmful substances from your blood.

You are likely to experience inflammation if there is too much fat in your liver. This can not only damage your liver, but it can cause scarring. In more serious cases, you can have liver failure. The main cause of fatty liver is yet to be established. This condition is common in people living with type two diabetes and high blood pressure. As for now, there are no established drugs that can treat fatty liver. That’s the main reason why diet and lifestyle changes have emerged as the most effective ways to treat the fatty liver condition.

It is essential to keep your liver as healthy as possible if you have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease. You should always avoid anything that can damage your liver. We don’t have FDA approved medications for fatty liver. The American Association for the Study of Liver diseases has only affirmed one drug option. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can be used in treating fatty liver. However, it is good to keep in mind that not every person may benefit from these treatments. Over the years, there have been numerous concerns about safety and side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your doctor so that he or she can advise you on the best treatment options. Keep in mind that there are multiple drugs in the pipeline. Some of these drugs have promising results.

So, what types of diet and lifestyle changes should you have to treat this condition? After intensive research, Fatty liver remedy (check here) has compiled the essential medications you should take if you want to eliminate this condition.


#1 Losing excess weight

According to a report that was published by the American Association for the Study of Liver diseases three years ago, losing weight is indeed a critical part when it comes to improving fatty liver progression and symptoms. In the 2017 report, people are advised to lose at least 5 percent of their body weight. This will reduce the fat build up in their bodies. In addition, the reports state that losing more than 10% of the body weight will reduce other common symptoms of fatty liver, such as inflammation and scarring. Which is the best way to lose weight? You should consider taking small steps towards your goal over time. You can agree with me that some practices, such as fasting and extreme diet, are unsustainable. Most of them can be hard on your liver.

You should consider seeking medical advice before starting any weight loss program. This will enable you to know the perfect weight loss program for you. Most dietitians prefer developing an eating plan for their clients. A reliable and well-planned eating plan will help you reach weight loss goals and make nutritional choices.


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#2 Mediterranean diet

Over the years, several researches have shown that the Mediterranean diet may help in reducing liver fat. This will happen even without reducing weight. Away from that, the Mediterranean diet may be used to treat other common conditions that are closely associated with fatty liver. The most common conditions that can be treated using the Mediterranean diet include high blood pressure and type two diabetes. Usually, the eating plan focuses on a variety of plant-based foods that include legumes and vegetables. Which are the best fruits and vegetables that treat fatty liver? It has been discovered that apple, bananas, and cucumbers are helpful in treating fatty liver. Also, you can take tomatoes and carrots.

At times you can include legumes in your diet. In that case, beans and peas are the recommended types of legumes that may help you reverse and later treat fatty liver. Moreover, healthy fats such as extra olive oil and seeds have proved to be beneficial to liver health. Avocadoes and olive contain a high concentration of healthy fats. Can you take fish and lean meat? Include fish in your diet twice per week. You can also eat chicken and turkey in moderation. Besides that, consuming unprocessed grains and cereals that include whole oats and whole wheat pasta can treat fatty liver.


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#3 Avoid foods with lots of sugar

Do you know that dietary sugars such as fructose increases the chances of getting fatty liver? In a research that was done in 2017, the authors of the report describe how these sugars contribute to fat build up in the liver. There are well known culprits that include store-bought and commercially processed foods such as candy, ice cream, and soft drinks.

How can you identify whether packaged food has been manufactured with added sugar? The best way to do it is by reading the ingredients list on the product packaging. Cane sugar, honey, and molasses are types of sugars that are commonly added to food products. Reading the nutrition facts label is another way to tell how much sugar is in a food item. In such situations, you should look at the number of grams of sugar that have been included in a serving for that specific item.

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#4 Target high cholesterol

Besides research that was done in 2012, there have been other subsequent researches that have indicated that fatty liver makes it harder for your body to manage cholesterol. This might worsen fatty liver while at the same time, increase the risks of being diagnosed with heart disease. You should limit the intake of certain types of fats. This will help you control cholesterol levels. In turn, you will have treated fatty liver. What fats should you avoid? Saturated fats and trans-fats should be avoided at all costs. Saturated fats are normally found in dairy products. Trans-fats can be found in processed baked foods and fried foods. Moreover, you can ask your doctor to provide you with medication for high cholesterol.


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#5 Trying out omega supplements

While some fats are harmful to your liver health, other types of fats are beneficial. Food such as oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. It has been proved that Omega-3fatty acids have numerous benefits for heart health. They are an ideal choice for people with severe fatty liver. A review of studies has suggested that consuming omega-3 supplements can drastically reduce liver fat and improve cholesterol levels. You should talk to your medical doctor to know how much you should take.

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#6 Avoid liver irritants

There are certain consumable substances that can put excess stress on your liver. Over the counter medications and alcohol are some of these substances that, if taken in large quantity can stress the liver. You should avoid taking alcohol. Although moderate consumption of alcohol may have some benefits among healthy people, it is not yet clear whether people with fatty liver may have all these benefits.

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#7 Ask your doctor about vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E is one of the perfect choices that are used in treating fatty liver. More research is being done to understand who can benefit from this treatment and how.

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Final thoughts

Besides the above medications, you should try herbs and other supplements. Supplements and spices have been used as alternative treatments for fatty liver. As you can see, lifestyle and dietary changes are the most effective treatment options in treating fatty liver. You should work with your doctor closely if you have this condition so that they can develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

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