Foods To Avoid With Psoriasis

Foods To Avoid With Psoriasis

There is no direct link between psoriasis flare-ups and diet, but some people say and logically proven, eliminating certain foods can relieve symptoms.

Although, psoriasis flare-ups can be caused by a variety of triggers, such as bad weather, excess stress, infections, some medications, skin trauma, and certain foods. 

Some people with psoriasis attest to the fact that what they consume affects their skin and their feelings. There is no scientific proof that eliminating certain foods will improve your condition, but it will make a difference in your well being.

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Foods to avoid

Here are certain foods to eliminate from your diet, as it possibly causes psoriasis flare-ups. Consider cutting them off your diet and see if an effect occurred in the symptoms you have.

1. Alcohol

This is the primary consumption that should be eliminated. Alcohol opens the blood vessels in your skin, and when blood vessels are dilated, white blood cells and T cells can sneak into the outer layer of the skin. White blood cells and the T cells are believed to be responsible for psoriasis. Alcohol worsens psoriasis symptoms.

2. Junk food

Junk foods are high in fat and refined starches and sugar, all this promotes inflammation. Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease. 

 Another reason is that junk foods are high in calories which causes a weight problem. People with psoriasis have issues with overweight and an increased risk of heart disease.

Psoriasis must avoid junk food

3. Dairy foods

Dairy foods contain inflammatory acid. And cow’s milk is one of it’s the biggest culprit. Egg yolks to are high in inflammatory acid. Avoid mixing egg yolk and cow milk for consumption.

4. Red meat

Processed meat, like bacon and sausage, should be eliminated as well. Red meat contains a polyunsaturated fat called arachidonic acid. This acid can easily be converted into inflammatory compounds and this worsens psoriasis symptoms.

5. Citrus fruits

Not all citrus fruits can be avoided. citrus fruits like lime, lemon, grapefruit, and oranges are a common allergen. It’s advisable to eliminate this mentioned citrus fruits from your diet and see if there’s an improvement in your skin. 

6. Gluten

Glutens are protein found in grains like wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten has the capacity to trigger inflammation in some people. Research has it that psoriasis patients saw improvement in their symptoms when they followed a gluten-free diet. Cutting out gluten is promising for a psoriasis patient.

7. Nightshade vegetables

Nightshade vegetables are part of a plant family, Solanaceae. It includes, bell peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. They worsen psoriasis symptoms as they cause an inflammatory bowel disease. It’s necessary to avoid nightshade vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, paprika, potatoes, tobacco, ashwagandha from your diet and experience a full clearance or improvement of symptoms.

Nightshade vegetables to avoid with Psoriasis

8. Condiments

Condiments are necessary to food, however, psoriasis patients find condiments to be their enemy. Condiments like ketchup, cinnamon, curry, paprika, mayo, pimento are what causes trouble for psoriasis patients. This is because substances in them are capable of increasing inflammation.

9. Frozen dinners

Frozen foods or commonly referred to as processed foods can increase the level of inflammation in your body. Frozen foods contain more salt than usually added and excessive salt is a reason for skin breakout, making your skin extra dry which is not healthy for the healing process if your skin.

10. Sugary cereals

Sugar increases inflammatory receptors in your body. Cereals are the perfect breakfast no doubt but it could possibly be worsening your psoriasis symptoms especially granola and yogurt combination, yummy but deadly for psoriasis symptoms.

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11. Processed foods

Excess intake of processed food, high-calorie foods can lead to overweight and a variation of chronic health issues. This condition causes chronic inflammation in the body which in turn flares up psoriasis symptoms. 

As earlier noted, scientifically, there’s no link between psoriasis symptoms and good dieting, however, having to keep a healthy diet could have a good positive effect on your skin, thereby lessening psoriasis symptoms.

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