Which Fatty Liver Foods Should You Avoid At All Cost?

Which Fatty Liver Foods Should You Avoid At All Cost_

The liver is responsible for not only breaking down carbohydrates but also making glucose. It is an essential organ more so in detoxing the body. The liver manufactures bile that helps in absorbing nutrients in food properly. There are various foods and drinks a person living with fatty liver should avoid at all costs. Diet plays an essential role in liver health. While there are several food habits that may keep your liver healthy, there are others that might be harmful.

Which Fatty Liver Foods Should You Avoid At All Cost_

foods to avoid for fatty liver

Although it is impossible to manage all the risk factors associated with fatty liver, avoiding certain foods and drinks will promote your liver health. In this article, we will take a look at some of the foods people with fatty liver should avoid. Fatty Liver Remedy (learn more) advises that you should avoid the following foods.

11 Food to avoid for fatty liver

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#1 Avoid eating lots of salt 

Do you know that food that has extremely high sodium content levels can be harmful to your health? You should take just a normal amount of sodium since it is essential in regulating fluids in your body and blood pressure. What if you are prone to fluid retention? In that case, you should avoid consuming food with high sodium content. It is good to know that food with too much salt can create excess fluid in your liver such as sneaky sodium bombs. There is no doubt that Americans love taking sodium chloride which is commonly known as common table salt. It has been discovered that a diet high in sodium can be harmful to your health. According to research that was done by the Harvard School of Public Health, consuming foods with high sodium content can increase your blood volume. This will not only strain your heart but also blood vessels. How much sodium should you consume in a day? The latest dietary guidelines released in 2020 have shown that keeping sodium levels below 2,300 milligrams is better.

Away from that, the American Heart Association released a report showing that people should keep their sodium intake below 1,500 milligrams.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 1 Avoid eating lots of salt

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#2 Deli Meat. 

There are plenty of hidden sources of sodium in our diet. Most sliced deli meats and hot dogs are packed with sodium. Can you imagine that a deli ham can have over 400 milligrams? With that in mind, you should choose fresh meats. Consider making an extra serving at dinner and use the rest to make your lunch the next day.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 2 Deli Meat.

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#3 Breakfast cereals.

Most Americans consume an average 3,000 milligrams of sodium in a day. Your body needs just 500 milligrams. It has been proved that cereals and other common processed foods accounts for a large majority of sodium intake. Cornflakes are made with more than 200 milligrams. This can add up quickly if you are not measuring portion sizes. Besides that, biscuit and pancakes are made with more than 800 milligrams of sodium. Instead of purchasing these foods, you should try making your own. You can use baking soda.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 3 Breakfast cereals. 

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#4 Vegetable juice such as spinach juice

Are you sure that even a vegetable juice can be high in salt? That’s the main reason buyers are advised to read labels closely. In most cases, many manufacturers list sodium levels per serving size. The serving should be 140 milligrams or even less. With that in mind, the best bet is to make your fresh vegetable juice.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 4 Vegetable juice such as spinach juice

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#5 Canned soups and vegetables. 

It is important to note that anything can be a sodium bomb. Always check all those can labels. You should choose products that have been made with less sodium servings. The most canned soup contains up to 800 milligrams of sodium. You can try making your soup using broth and fresh ingredients. How can you lower sodium intake? You should purchase your vegetables fresh instead of from a can. Kindly remember to rinse all the canned veggies. This is essential in removing excess sodium before eating.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 5 Canned soups and vegetables.

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#6 Food containing saturated and trans-fat such as margarine and butter 

There are no human studies that have linked the consumption of saturated fat to fatty liver. But animal studies done in the last couple of years have shown that consuming saturated fats may deteriorate liver health. What is the primary source of saturated fats? Cold nuts, red meats, butter and other animal products such as cheese and ice cream are considered as the primary source of saturated fat. Trans-fat can be found in bakery products and commercial foods. They can also be found in margarine. How can you know that a particular product contains trans-fat? Products that have been manufactured with trans-fat are labelled with the word hydrogenated oils. Therefore, it is essential to focus on fish and seafood.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 6 Food containing saturated and trans-fat such as margarine and butter

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#7 High fructose corn syrup

Researchers have been claiming that foods that contain high fructose can wreak havoc on your liver. According to a report that was published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Americans consume 12% of their calories from fructose. Most of these calories come from HFCS. Even without weight gain, the high amount of fructose consumption can cause severe liver damage. Soda, bread, and single-serving lunch foods such as pudding contain HFCS.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 7 High fructose corn syrup

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#8 Fried foods such as crisply chicken

You all know fried foods more than those from fast-food restaurants. Fried foods have a negative effect on our liver. Eating French fries, extra crispy chicken can affect your liver. Research has shown that eating fried foods will elevate bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 8 Fried foods such as crisply chicken


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#9 Avoid alcohol

You should avoid drinking if you have fatty liver. Heavy drinking can lead to more serious liver damage. It may be okay drinking once in a while if you are suffering from fatty liver. But you should not drink more than every other month. You should consult your doctor before drinking alcohol.

The harmful effects starts when the alcohol in the blood start affecting the heart and brain. This is how people become intoxicated. Abusing alcohol will destroy the liver cells. The end results will be scarring of the liver and cellular mutation. Do you know that cellular mutation can cause liver cancer? With that in mind, why would you abuse alcohol knowing all these harmful effects? However, there are several alcohol brands that are healthy to a fatty liver.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 9 alcohol

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#10 Drinking-dark colored soda

Dark cola is manufactured with high levels of harmful phosphorus. Researchers have proved that dark cola can shorten lifespan. In a study that was published in a well-known journal in 2010, high phosphorus levels in a drink can cause fatty liver. Subsequent studies conducted over the years have indicated that indeed drinking soda extensively may lead to severe liver damage. Although keeping our bodies hydrated is one way to stay healthy, avoid drinking alcohol heavily.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 10 colored soda

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#11 Avoid eating red meat

It is now confirmed that consuming red meat may increase the possibilities of fatty liver. Several studies have clearly shown that people who consumed high amounts of red meats have a greater chance of getting fatty liver. Red meat increase the risk of insulin resistance.

You should try not to eat a lot of animal protein since this will increase excessive fat in your liver. Several diet experts have added processed meat to the list of the most harmful meats.

foods to avoid for fatty liver 11 red meat

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Final thoughts

From the above article, you can see that there are numerous food types that people with fatty liver should avoid eating. Also, you should avoid these foods like plaque if you want to prevent fatty liver. This is the right time to keep caution to prevent possible fatty liver in the future. We hope that you will follow this article in the future. Do you have any additional content or question? You can make us know.

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